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News about 2009

We are expanding the event and just found the date (4+5 May 2009), a perfect location (Rostock) and a new name (AMOOCON) for it. Have a look at

2008 stuff

It has been a wonderful Asterisk-Tag.org 2008 with all of you guys! I hope to see you all again next year. I took some photos and uploaded them. Most speakers sent their slides as PDFs. They can be found at Track 1 (English) 1st day, Track 2 (German/Deutsch) 1st day, Track 1 (English and German/Deutsch) 2nd day and workshops (English) 2nd day. Randy did some interviews which he played in his talkshow (download MP3). -- Stefan Wintermeyer (AMOOMA GmbH)

1st day - Track 1 (English)

The complete program (including slides) of the english track can be found here. A quick overview of the to YouTube uploaded talks of the first day (because of YouTube policy we had to split them to 10 minute chunks):

1st day - Track 2 (German)

Programm 26.05.2008 (Deutscher Track) - Vorträge (nur Deutsch).

1st day - Social Event (19:00)

The guys from http://www.moving-bars.de did a great show and as always served tasty cocktails.

Must-See: Special thanks to Pawel for recording this video.

2nd day program

The second day was a mix of talks and workshops.

The following talks from the second day have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube:



  • Christian Jager: "Ich war sehr zufriede und werde nächstes Jahr auch wieder dabei sein.

Gut Gemacht!"

  • Randy Resnick (Randulo): "Asterisk Tag 2008 in Berlin was a great experience. Listening to

serious players in the space, meeting new people as well as seeing old friends were a part of it. Being at an event that was so well-planned was an excellent investment of my time." http://hubpages.com/hub/You-Should-Get-Out-More

  • Michael Iedema: "This being the second Asterisk-Tag, I have to give a congratulations

to the improvements made from last year! Everything has matured nicely from the first conference. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to next year."

  • Daniel-Constantin Mierla: "First time at AsteriskTag, but I have to say it was a great event. Going far beyond Asterisk, the talks and presentations covered most of what one can get in Open Source , server side area."


In case you have any questions or want to give feedback to the event, do not hesitate to contact

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